Hello, My name is Naruya, a painter who lives in Hong Kong. On this site, I would like to write about my works and activities, as well as some little things about my daily life. Thank you for your visiting.


31/03/2024 I updated the blog and Gallery and Instagram.

11/01/2023 Nihonbashi Art.jp started to exhibit and sell my artworks. Right now there are only two, but I will add more works little by little. Sorry, Nihonbashi Art.jp have only pages in Japanese.



About Naruya

・ Pseudonym Naruya (鳴矢)

・Born in Tokyo Japan

・Graduated from the Department of Painting in Art and Design Division, Tama Art School

・Completed the Commercial Art Course, Kodansha Famous Schools

・1979 - 2006 Joined SAKUGA Group

・1986 - 2001 Exhibited to Modern Naive Art of Japan Exhibitions.

・1997 - 2005 Join the group exhibitions "One Man Arts"

・2000 Won a prize in the Kodansha Famous Schools Art Contest.

・2002-2005 Exhibited to Asian Art Now in Las Vegas

・2005 Moved to Hong Kong.

・2014- Hold the Solo exhibition series, "Naruya-Kabuki in Port of Fragrance"